Green Majority Radio #399 – Participatory Politics


o-DEFEND-OUR-COAST-facebookLana Goldberg is a Toronto organizer with experience with climate, first nations and democracy issues. She is currently organizing the Toronto Defend Our Climate rally on May 10th at City Hall 1pm. She joins us today to talk about the role of public action in our political process, mass-media impressions of the movement and how to talk about the environment to conservatives.

Half way through the show we also meet Jason Hovland with the Dear Harper Project, which is asking Canadians from any political background or perspective to leave short video messages for the PMO.

Lana also joins us to discuss a few news items; Even the deepest regions of the ocean can now be classified as a garbage can and Oil spills can bring “economic benefits,” says Kinder Morgan.

We didn’t get to these, but recommend: Senators introduce pro-Keystone XL bill to bypass Obama administrationBeached whales in Newfoundland to be dismantled for study by Royal Ontario MuseumSolePower lets you charge gadgets just by walking.

This Weeks Music

Arcade Fire – Flashbulb Eyes

Basia Balut – Snakes and Ladders

We are also currently in production of our new TV (YouTube) show, stay tuned!

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