Green Majority TV – First Episode Out Now

This episode is our 400th show! Hard to believe its been 7 years already. To celebrate, we’ve finally been able to put out a video copy of the show and plan on maintaining this format from now on. With our new members page we are offering members-only content as a bonus for supporting the show. Click here view the members page.

This week we return to our headline format as well with this show, and will be experimenting over the next while to perfect this new format. So please bear with us, but also let us know if you have any suggestions.

This weeks feature is an interview with James Portnow from Extra Credits. Extra Credits produces a regular YouTube series with a huge following that teaches about how we can make better games, and how we can use interactive media to help better understand ourselves and the world.around us. After this week, we will have full video interviews as features as well.

Listen now to this weeks show from the player above, or right-click (save link as…) here to download: Green Majority TV – Episode One

Thanks for everyone’s support getting this far! We couldn’t have done it, particularly not without our members. Special thank you too:

Our Members

DK_logo       alt_journal       Transition Toronto

Dr. Tushar Mehta – Sharon Lovett – Thrive With Autism (Jackie McMillan) – Our Horizon – Alex Smit

Rachel Gladstone-Gelman – Joe Watson – Alexander Knight – Kevin Devine – Peggy Irwin – Lyn Adamson

Special Thanks

CIUT_logo       commonwealth       Tim Vasely

Specifically, Ken Stowar for allowing us to volunteer at CIUT 89.5 FM since 2006.

This Weeks Music:

Strugglin’ – K’naan

Beat And The Pulse – Austra

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