Spacing Out

This weeks feature is an interview with Matthew Blackett, founder of Spacing Magazine – Canada’s premier urban space publication as part of our Toronto Talks Transit series. Matt speaks about the supposed ‘War on the Car’, the idea of complete streets and how to go about planning a transit friendly city.

Our round-table this week focuses on the issue of activism. In the theme of our ‘super-mayor’ line of questioning in the Spacing interview, we all pretend for a moment to be ‘super-prime ministers’ and ask, what would we do differently if we actually wanted to promote civic engagement instead of squash it?

Sorry for the lackluster post with the show this week, and the delay in posting. Crazy week!

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Listen now to this weeks show from the player above, or right-click (save link as…) here to download: Spacing Out

This Weeks Music:

Down With Webster – Chills

Austra – Home

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