(405) Make Money The Ethical Way

Tim Nash is our feature interview this week with a clip from our recent video interview with him, which you can watch here. Tim is also known by his superhero name, The Sustainable Economist! Tim helps people understand how to invest their money ethically and sustainably. How can we do that? Especially when no one has a solid definition of sustainable? We’ll that’s the first thing I asked him!



We also talk a bit about our headlines which are now being done in full video, which you can see here.

We also talk about the recently announced approval (with 209 conditions) of the northern gateway pipeline.

Right off the bat, we also talk to Dr. Peter Carter a 20 year veteran climate scientist, and expert reviewer for the 5th Assessment Synthesis Report of the IPCC. In our brief chat, Dr. Carter talks about his experience as well as mentions an event he will be presenting at this weekend. If you are free and in the Toronto are on Sunday June 20th please join him.

Climate EMERGENCY Countdown Event (Toronto):

From the dire warnings of the IPCC and other reports, to the imperative for an EMERGENCY ACTION agreement at the 2015 Paris Climate Summit (via New York City and Lima 2014).

Presentations, videos, Q&A, FREE admission, snacks, refreshments.

Sunday, June 22, 1pm to 5pm (view map)
Metro Hall, 55 John St (King & John), room 308, Toronto
Contact Glenn MacIntosh: info(at)ecoSanity.org, 416 861 1303.

Facebook event page

Please join us for an informative afternoon of frank, heartfelt presentations on the climate change EMERGENCY that will convey vital facts and insights about the latest dire reports and the life-or-extinction urgency to mobilize ahead of critical, fast-approaching international climate negotiation summits this September (in New York City) and December (in Lima, Peru).

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Listen with the player above, or right-click (save link as) to download: Make Money The Ethical Way

This Weeks Music:

Devils Eyes – Buck 65

2 thoughts on “(405) Make Money The Ethical Way

  1. Hi! I attended a environmental media workshop you put on several months ago at Bathurst and Bloor. Are you having any more of these? Justyna

    • Hey Justyna!

      We’ve put some of our workshops on hold for now to focus on our video content for the time being, we decided we we’re being pulled in too many directions at once and the video show is our long-term priority. However, I am very happy you got something out of it and want to know more! We are in talks to do a couple shows with a live studio audience, and fancy guests such where Q&A would take over once the show is done as a sort of ‘televised town-hall’ with some fabulous special guests. That’s all I can say for now, but the best way to make sure you hear about them is to sign-up to follow our blog! We also now have a membership program to support our video show, which gets access to special members-only content as well as other perks. No pressure, but if you are able we could use your help and it will certainly increase the number of cool things we will be able to do. You can see more about that here: http://greenmajority.nationbuilder.com

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