(414) Prairies and Tundra

Tim Nash

We start this weeks show with and update from our resident economics expert Tim Nash – The Sustainable Economist on the state of global investment in green infrastructure and market trends. Tim was also teasing the preliminary findings of his global green investment report, which he will return to discuss in a few weeks.

You can find out more about Tim Nash here: http://www.sustainableeconomist.com/

Ian Toews

Our feature interview is with award winning documentary film maker Ian Toews about his upcoming film Grasslands which follows Ian as he explores the diversity, history and culture of Canada’s prairies. The film covers the perspectives of conversationists, First Nations and ranchers on the changing nature of this calm and diverse expanse in the middle of our great country. 

You can find out more about the film and Ian Toews here: http://www.291filmcompany.ca/about.php?bio_id=1

Finally Kevin wraps up the show with a pithy piece on methane, referring to newly discovered holes in Siberia. You can check out our video coverage of this new story here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aIdgsI6hHE0

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Listen with the player above, or right-click (save link as) to download: Prairies and Tundra

Feature Image (home page) credit to: Édouard Hue

This weeks Music: 

Joni Mitchell: Big Yellow Taxi & Barry McGuire: Even of Destruction

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