(415) Hack4Good (like a boss)

Joseph Boutilier
Joseph Boutilier

We start with weeks show with Joseph Boutilier of #unityfortheclimate who is nearing the completion of his more than 5000km UNICYCLE ride across Canada (yep, you read that correctly). Joseph talks to us about what inspired his trip and what he hopes to accomplish by it, as well as his thoughts on the biggest obstacles impeding climate action in Canada.

You can read more about his trip here: unityfortheclimate.ca

And please check out the short intro to the interview below!

hack4goodOur second feature is about an upcoming action in coordination with partners all over the world called Hack4GoodTO. Andrew Hlavat and Yannick Trottier join us as an organizer and judge for the event respectively. Andrew is a programmer with a background in philosophy and Yannick is an engineer and both care deeply about environmental issues. They discuss the topic of where technology and technical people connect to both problems and solutions on climate issues.

You can learn more and sign up for Hack4Good Toronto here: http://hack4good.io/

We will be releasing some new videos about the upcoming climate march as part of the fast approaching Peoples Climate March very soon, but don’t delay! We have almost 4 busloads of Torontonians coming with us to make climate history in NYC over the Sept 19-21 weekend, and for a very small cost you can come with us!

Find out more and get your ticket here:  https://www.facebook.com/Toronto350.org https://www.picatic.com/to350pcm

As you might have heard, we are now producing high-quality interviews in full HD video as well as memberships that get you exclusive members content each week!

Click here for our NationBuilder page featuring our new video project!

Listen with the player above, or right-click (save link as) to download: Hack4Good (like a boss)

This weeks Music: 

Feist – 1234 & Neil Young – After The Gold Rush

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