(417) No Jets At The Cottage Pls

James Davis
James Davis

Our first guest is James Davis with the Toronto Bike Music Festival, a wandering party that will be taking over the city this weekend on September 14th. James talks to us about the emphasis on fun and celebration, but also the undeniable undercurrent of politics that pervades and discussion of bicycles in our fair city.

Learn more about the TBMF here: www.torontobicyclemusicfestival.com or you can check out some footage from their bike powered musical exploits across southern Ontario here: www.tuneyourride.com

Norman Di Pasquale
Norman Di Pasquale

Our main interview this week is with Norman Di Pasquale, acting chair for the (in)famous Toronto action group NO JETS TO. The group’s goal is simple, and in the name they don’t want jets taking precedence over the Toronto waterfront. But the campaign has been anything but simple, and far more divisive than anyone could have predicted. Norman talks to us about the epoch of this campaign in the city and what some up the upcoming issues will be within municipal politics. Afterwards, Stefan and I discuss the campaign as an example of effective public engagement because agree with them or not, few people who live or visit Toronto has not seen one of their signs.

Learn more about NO JETS TO here: http://www.nojetsto.ca/

We wrap the show up with Kevin Farmer as usual, who this week tackles the war on science as told by the point of view of “rock snot”.

Join us for some cool stuff!

Peoples Climate March

click image for info and tickets

Green Majority will be joining hundreds of passionate Torontonians on a trip to New York City for the Peoples Climate March. We just filled the THIRD BUS and have opened up a fourth! Join us to make history (and a documentary about the entire experience).

Get in on this trip here: https://www.picatic.com/to350pcm

If you want to join the media team, email Daryn directly at “daryn [at] greenmajority [dot] ca”

Opt-Out: Sharing As A Political Act (a kick-ass town hall)

OptOut - Facebook Banner
click image for info and tickets

Green Majority will be hosting a town-hall style event on what happens when we scale up the sharing economy here in Toronto on Thursday September 25th @ 6pm – 11pm @ the Centre for Social Innovation. It features an amazing panel of speakers, but more importantly the speakers will only be presenting for a few min each before opening the floor to a full hour of Q&A followed by drinks + food + networking.

Our panelists include:

Camille Labchuk – Green Party Candidate for Trinity-Spadina in Toronto (more here…)

Tim Nash – The Sustainable Economist (more here…)

Lucy Gao – Toronto Curator for Collaborative Consumption (more here…)

Lawrence Alvarez – Co-Founder of Toronto Tool Library and President @ Institute for a Resource Based Economy (more here…)

Tickets are FREE but please register to make sure you get a seat.

Sign up here: http://www.eventbrite.com/e/opting-out-sharing-as-a-political-act-tickets-12924574751

By the time this post was made, less than 6 hours after the announcement, we already have 20% of the capacity filled so don’t delay!

As you might have heard, we are now producing high-quality interviews in full HD video as well as memberships that get you exclusive members content each week!

visit greenmajority.ca for more info

Listen with the player above, or right-click (save link as) to download: No Jets At The Cottage Pls

This weeks Music: 

Emma-Lee “Not Coming By” & Basia Bulat “Tall Tall Shadow”

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