(419) Bold Scientists

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Stuart Basden

We start this weeks show with Stuart Basden, president of Toronto 350 who helps us recap some of the amazing experience of last weeks historic Peoples Climate March. Toronto 350 is keeping the movement going and has opportunities for you to get involved! If you aren’t in Toronto, you can still help out or they can help get you in touch with a group more local to you.

Link up with Toronto 350 here and get involved! http://toronto350.org/

Bold Scientists
Bold Scientists

Our primary feature this week is with Canadian author Michael Riordon and his new book Bold Scientists: Dispatches from the Battle for Honest Science. Michael is the author of 4 earlier books as well, all from the viewpoint of capturing stories that might otherwise not be told. Michael is the consummate contemplative storyteller, and this 18 min interview is but the short version of the nearly 40 min interview we did with him which was entirely exceptional. [edited Oct 3rd, 2014] Check it out below!

Check out his book here, we highly recommend it: http://naturesciencepower.wordpress.com/

As you might have heard, we are now producing high-quality interviews in full HD video as well as memberships that get you exclusive members content each week! Check it out on the main site here: greenmajority.ca

This weeks Music: 

Indio “Hard Sun” & Stan Rogers “Northwest Passage”

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