(426) CaterToronto and China/US Climate Deal

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This weeks interview is with Vanessa Ling Yu, Director of Food Forward. Food Forward is a not-for-profit that educates and advocates for smart food policy in Toronto, particularly with relation to poverty and access to healthy food for all. Vanessa is a passionate food advocate, and talks to us about food access, poverty and public policy as well as helping us understand the CaterToronto initiative they offer in particular.

An article in Metro regarding Vanessa’s work:

Toronto Public Health removes ‘racist’ document suggesting Chinese food causes food poisoning

Stefan, Kevin and I spend the rest of the show digging into the recent “blockbuster” announcement of a non-binding agreement with China to curb carbon in the near future. The internet and environmentalists are abuzz with the news, but does it really mean anything? Our team of crack pundits takes a stab at this question.

Some articles floating around on this story:

U.S.-China climate deal poses special challenge for G20-bound PM

U.S.-China climate change deal a ‘game changer’ for Prime Minister Harper

China-US carbon deal: A historic milestone in the global fight against climate change

Header image credit to: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:FlagUSA_FlagPRC_crash.svg 

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This weeks Music:

The Cool Hands “Marijuana Cigarette” & “Smoke Break”

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