(429) You Are What You Eat

Brenna Owens - CYD
Brenna Owens – CYD

We start this weeks show with a live call from Peru with Brenna Owens on behalf of the Canadian Youth Delegation at COP20 in Peru. Brenna graduated from Politics at Queen’s University, where she created the international affairs radio show Right of Reply on CFRC 101.9fm. After developing an enduring passion and respect for the people and environment of the Canadian North during her 2008 journey to Baffin Island, she became a founding member of the international Youth Arctic Coalition. In 2013 she travelled to COP19 in Warsaw, Poland, with the Students On Ice Alumni Delegation.

You can read more about CYD and get daily updates on COP20 here.

Also, Toronto 350 is working on a COP public participation guide to help improve the accessibility of international negotiations. We will update this post with the link when it becomes available so check back soon!

Dr. Jennifer Gardy - CBC
Dr. Jennifer Gardy

Our main feature this week was with Dr. Jennifer Gardy – Host of the new CBC Doc channel episode “You Are What You Eat” airing January 8th at 8pm on The Nature of Things. We talk to Dr. Gardy about the role of science literacy in a functioning democracy, and the need for more science advocates among scientists. We also of course talk about some of the features of the show (which I already got to watch) and some of the fun myth debunking they do including a very fun clip involving her getting some of her friends drunk in the name of science!

“Putting claims to the test is such a blast,” says Gardy. “Given how important a role food plays in everything from our health and wellbeing to our families and our culture, I wasn’t surprised at how many food and drink myths are out there,” she notes. “We all grew up hearing everything from sugar makes you hyper to the necessity of drinking eight glasses of water a day, so it was really satisfying to get to the bottom of these, especially when some of the results turned out to be quite surprising”

Check out the show listing, and watch the preview here.

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This weeks Music:

Dala “A Man Needs A Maid” & Doobie Brothers “China Grove”

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