(431) Citizens Why Not?

Howdy friends! This week we take a load off by having a very relaxed show. Our main feature this week is an interview with Cheryl McNamara, Volunteer Toronto Organizer for Citizens Climate Lobby, and media coordinator for KAIROS Canada. Cheryl talks to us about what the role of lobbyists are in Canada, and the respective ability of industry and citizens to influence policy. FAIR WARNING! You might be surprised by her answer, but I urge you to have a listen. If you want to skip straight to the interview, you can watch the youtube version below.

Throughout the show we also have Kai Reimer-Watts and Nic Petrini-Woolley, one half of the local indie band Gen-Why. Kai is also deeply involved in Toronto 350, as well spearheading an upcoming DOC about Climate Change and the Peoples Climate March in NYC earlier this year. Kai and Nick grace us with their in-studio presence as well as some interesting thoughts on the state of Canadian climate activism.

Gen Why is a Toronto-based band that’s made up of 4 talented young musicians busy crafting our own distinct “music for the spirit”, with soaring vocal harmonies and instrumentals. We believe in music that deepens connection to the world around us, speaking to the great stories of the day, and weave social justice and environmental themes in with love songs, heartbreak and the hard bite of rock. Our band is as committed to the planet we live on and the people, places and communities that are a part of it as we are to our music. We play throughout the Greater Toronto Area and southern Ontario to bring quality folk-rock to great people everywhere.

We played two of their tracks on the show today, which in order are: “Bang Bang” and “This Tree”.

Livestream / download the recent album, “Still Life”: genwhy.bandcamp.com
genwhy band genwhy coverart

If you’re in Toronto in the new year, the next upcoming show is: Sunday, January 11 at the Silver Dollar, 9pm, cover $10

Also… as per Kai’s request some more “Get involved!” stuff you might be interested in:
  • Campaign “Step UP Canada!”: Launched by Toronto350.org and People’s Climate Movement, delivering a powerful public presentation to audiences all across the GTA, linking the need for local & federal action on climate with the upcoming Paris COP21, and federal election. Most importantly, we are focused on what Canadians can do to ensure our country “steps up” on climate, linking diverse actors/audiences to show how climate change really is everyone’s issue, and the issue of this upcoming election. We are looking for eager presenters to deliver this material to audiences throughout the GTA, as well as folks to help push a bold social media campaign. 
  • For information & to get involved email Kai, Creative Director of Toronto350, at kai@toronto350.org

As you might have heard, we are now producing high-quality interviews in full HD video as well as memberships that get you exclusive members content each week! Check it out on the main site here: greenmajority.ca or you can…

Click the image to learn more!
Click the image to learn more!

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