(435) Mitrovica VS The CBC

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This week Andrew Mitrovica, journalist teacher, former CBC Fifth Estate producer and current iPolitics reporter takes a metaphorical hatchet to the rhetoric at the CBC. Rex Murphy, Peter Mansbridge and Amanda Lang have all had brazen responses to what should have been embarrassing scandals this year regarding their acceptance of speaking fees from big business they are supposedly objectively reporting on with Canada’s publicly funded broadcaster. Andrew talks about the stories including his own contributions on this weeks show. With journalism as the topic, we discuss the implications brought up by Mr. Mitrovica with co-hosts Kevin Farmer and Stefan Hostetter.

The graphic was borrowed from Press Progress here.

The article I read the quote from: Why I Quit The CTV – Kai Nagata

Andrew Mitrovica
Andrew Mitrovica

A couple of choice Mitrovica articles on the subject at hand:

Journalists behaving very badly

The CBC’s culture of impunity sails on

How a mere blogger broke the Ghomeshi story wide open

You can also view all the Mitrovica interview questions on YouTube here! (coming soon)

4 thoughts on “(435) Mitrovica VS The CBC

  1. The CBC “journalism” reported on here by Mitrovica is clearly not about exclusively delivering the truth for long term benefits that would provide us as a human community. It’s about defending, propagating corporate Canada and it’s agendas (right or wrong, truth or deceipt) by people comfortable with their place in it, and who’ve seemingly lost touch with (or don’t care to acknowledge) any reality outside this artificial construct. At it’s worst it’s more than bad journalism, it’s potentially dangerous and the word “fraud” comes to mind as well.

    The age of the celebrity (as we’ve known it in many forms) may fortunately be being rendered obsolete by the possibilities the internet age is offering any one of us to have our own news channel if we wish. And this may increasingly create a balance that counteracts dangers inherent in having celebrity “journalists” and big corporate media wielding exclusive influence over huge segments of the populace. And that’s a good thing for them as well.

    CBC’s notorious “hit-piece on the freemen” in 2012 really put me off on that particular newscast permanently. And I personally feel no need to watch any mainstream TV news at this point to aquire information.

  2. I’m impressed with the show and especially with your summary of the importance of the situation and the consequences. I’m signing up.

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