(437) Taxpayers Can Suck It

This week we go back to 1992 to listen to one of the most famous environmental speeches in modern history, Severn Cullis-Suzuki at Rio ’92.  Has anything changed? Can it still? You can watch the video here.

Next up, we listen to a fabulous clip of Elizabeth May, leader of the Green Party of Canada taking the parliamentary secretary to the minister of the environment – Colin Carrie to task for intentionally trying to mislead Canadians about our own CO2 emissions. You can watch the video here.

Click to Expand
Click to Expand

Finally, the panel dissects a recent “The Agenda” with Steve Paikin episode “Carbon Commitments” that featured industry mouthpiece Candice Malcolm (Ontario Director) for the strongly suspected astroturf group , Canadian Taxpayers Federation on what could have been a serious discussion on the evolution of a federal carbon regulation system. Why does the CBC keep putting private interests and actual experts next to each other as if they we’re equally valid? Oh wait, I think Andrew Mitrovica had something to say about that

Who are they? Well here’s the entire list of their priorities for Ontario [click image to the left]… They’re just regular-old concerned taxpaying citizens… riiiiight.

This weeks music:

“Vessel” – Dan Mangan & “Half the City | Biscuits & Jam” – St. Paul and the Broken Bones

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