(438) The Business of People

Brad Zarnett
Brad Zarnett

Brad Zarnett, founder and president of the Toronto Sustainability Speaker Series begins this weeks show with a post-op on last nights event. The topic was Corporate CSR and more generally a discussion of what role big companies and Bay St. have in being a part of the solution.

In addition to an interesting presentation by some big name speakers including Ian McPherson, Martin Grosskopf and Julie Desjardins the event featured a lively Q&A session among the presenters and the attendees that ran well overtime with lots of spirited questions and debate. To learn more or sign-up to get a notification of the next event click here.

Prof David Foot
Prof David Foot

The main feature of this episode is an interview with the award winning teacher, author professor emeritus of economics at the University of Toronto David Foot. A highly sought after speaker on demographics and the economic implications there-of. David talks to us about a new UN study on population trends that includes new data points which bucks the trend of previous reports that predicted the global population to stabilize around 9.5 billion people. David talks to us about the new studies prediction that we could actually see 12 billion plus people on planet earth by the end of the century, and what the implications of this might be for both the economy and the environment.

We have to cut the interview a bit short, despite all of it being amazing. To watch/listen to the full interview with Professor Foot click here. If you already heard the radio show, and want to just hear the rest of the interview you can click here to pick it up where the radio show left off.

Finally, Stefan and I talk a bit about the interview, as well as promote a special event next week where I will be sitting down in a CIUT special event to talk to Canadaland journalist Jesse Brown, recently famous for breaking the Jian Ghomeshi story, as well as a series of apparent scandals at the CBC. We will be talking about the changing landscape of journalist in Canada and in 2015. You can attend live and participate in the Q&A by clicking here (this show won’t be a TGM episode so you won’t see it here).

Carbon3We also made a special announcement about some exciting new ANIMATED video’s we’ve been working on! They haven’t been released yet, but you can make sure you find out as soon as we do by either subscribing to our YouTube channel or signing up for our mailing list.

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