(440) Fit Enough to Survive the Future?

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Dr. Bob Willard
Dr. Bob Willard

One of our best shows in a while without a doubt. The main portion of today’s show features an interview with Dr. Bob Willard, speaker and author of several books on the topic of business sustainability. This topic is to some a tired one, businesses speak of sustainability frequently but few of them speak about sustainability in a way that actually matches up to the physical limits of our planet. Dr. Willard is not one of them. Easily one of our favorite guests we’ve had on in quite some time, I can’t recommend this interview enough.

Please check out Dr. Willard’s personal website: http://sustainabilityadvantage.com/

and the website for the Future Fit Business Benchmark: http://futurefitbusiness.org/

Dave Meslin
Dave Meslin

In a complete surprise, local Toronto celebrity and professional “rabble rouser”, democracy and citizen empowerment agent Dave Meslin just happened to be standing outside the studio during the show. During the final music break I ran out and grabbed him to say a few words about his new project “100 Remedies for Democracy”.

You can read more about Dave Meslin here: https://meslin.wordpress.com

and check out the website for the project here: http://www.100remedies.org/

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This weeks music…

“Sissyneck” – Beck & “Chamber of Reflection” – Mac DeMarco

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