(442) Politics of Fear

Jim Harris
Jim Harris

Jim Harris, sustainability author and speaker as well as former leader of the Green Party of Canada join us for the first half of the show. Jim speaks about his time with the Green Party, promoting sustainability to big business and the current landscape of Canadian politics.

We had to shorten the interview a bit for air, so if you would like to view the video of the full interview click here.

To learn more about Jim, please visit his website here: http://www.jimharris.com/

The last question Jim answered in the interview was about the supposed “anti-terror” bill C-51, after his contributions the team jumps in with their thoughts as well. After the second break, we play a clip of Charles Boylan, chair of the Human Rights & International Solidarity Committee of Federation of Post-secondary Educators, Local 21, and a candidate for the Marxist-Leninist Party of Canada, Vancouver South from a gathering against C-51 in Vancouver. You can watch the video, shot by Nicky Young here.

You can read the excellent website put together by Craig Forcese, Faculty of Law, University of Ottawa and Kent Roach, Faculty of Law, University of Toronto here: antiterrorlaw.ca

Our friends over at LeadNow.ca as well as (Openmedia.ca, the BCGEU, and local leaders.) have organized some information and events regarding C-51:

Hi everyone, there has been some traffic on the CSI list about Bill C-51 so I wanted to share the email below (full of stories about the growing momentum and resistance to the bill), along with a few things you can do if you’re opposed to it:

  • Sign the petition calling for amendments
  • Share this video to get the word out about the bill
  • Send a personal letter to Justin Trudeau and Liberal Public Safety Critic Wayne Easter, calling on them to take a strong stand against the bill
  • Attend the rally in Nathan Phillips square on Sat. March 14 – there’s a list of actions happening across the country here if you’d like to encourage your friends in other cities to attend/sign up to host one

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