(445) Les Militants

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We begin the show with a discussion of the recent TTC (metro) shutdown in Toronto due to the rivers of pollution running underneath the city, highlighting the pollution itself but also the attitude towards the value of public services like education and transit in Canada. We also compare/contrast this with the current discussion about public transit funding in BC. Some articles from the Metro in Toronto that inspired the discussion:

TTC delays far more than an inconvenience, groups say

Toronto’s filthy groundwater responsible for TTC delay

TTC probes flammable liquid that closed Yonge line

Despite out best efforts, we didn’t end up being able to be at the Green Living Show this year. However, we did end up having David Gray-Donald a student and “les militants” from Quebec who helped us understand some of the differences and disconnections between activism between French and English Canada. We spoke about the ongoing austerity protests, climate, pipelines and more.

Some Rabble.ca articles by David about Austerity (and more)

Stefan leads us in our final segment, with some thoughts on the ongoing student/TA strikes in Toronto and does an excellent job leading us in a short roundtable on the place for communal resources and the value of an education (and other public goods) to tie the show up in a neat little package! In case you missed it: U of T president calls for binding arbitration to end TA strike

Also! If you are interested in adding your voice to the choir to answer the Ontario government’s call for input on a climate change strategy, you can join a local “writing bee” this sunday: http://www.pricecarbonnow.org/citizens-climate-lobby-ontario

See ya’ll next week.

This weeks music!

Mandolin Orange “Old Ties and Companions” & Corb Lund “This is My Prairie”

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