(447) #LoveLetters for CIUT – The Sound of YOUR City!

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This week is our spring membership drive at CIUT but this doesn’t stop us from having a content-full show! In fact we actually managed to squeeze more content in this show then usual.

First up a surprise visit (even to me!) from the original show founder, Jordan Poppenk who came into the studio today to support us. We get a few, very well said words from Jordan about the changing times between when he started the show back in September 2006 and “climate” of environmentalism today.

Listen to a clip of Jordan’s comments below.

Second guest was Antony Upward, graduate of York University with a Masters of Environmental Studies in Business Model Design and Sustainability, an OCAD University Industry Partner at the Strategic Innovation Lab, a co-founder of the Lab’s Strongly Sustainable Business Model Group and the convening entrepreneur for the Flourishing Business Toolkit project. Antony joins us today to talk about the Flourishing Business Canvas, and why it matters. You can learn more about Antony and the Flourishing Business Canvas here.

Listen to a clip of Antony’s comments below.

Last but not least Andrew Gage, Climate Change and Environmental Legal Aid director for West Coast Environmental Law Association joins us to comment on an blog he wrote about the extreme nature of the RCMP documents that Greenpeace Canada got through and access to information request that appears to reveal deep ideological biases and conflict of interest within the RCMP with regards to anyone who opposes oil project expansion/pipelines etc as an extremist who must be kept under control. Learn more about WCEL here, and you can read Andrew’s blog article here: Does RCMP anti-environmentalist rhetoric make us safer?

You can listen to a clip of Andrew’s comments below.

Also mentioned on the show was a shout-out for a friend of the show Alex Knight, if you are interested in pro-harper trolls and lobbyists, redacted documents, and other things you wont find on mainstream media websites check it out: alexanderknight.ca

This weeks music!

“Overcast Sky” by MAGT & “Basement Apartment” by Sarah Harmer

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