(449) Beyond Rhetoric: The Best Bill You’ve Never Heard Of

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Kai Reimer-Watts and Ray Kocur from the Beyond Crisis film team join us in the first half of the show to talk to us about their ongoing documentary film project. Beyond Crisis set out to cover the People’s Climate March in NYC that saw 400,000 people from all over the world crowd the streets to demand climate action now. Since then the film has become a vessel for the personal stories behind this amazing movement to remake the world into one that respects all people and cultures as well as the planet we all depend on for our prosperity.

You can learn more about the film, watch some preliminary clips and contribute to their Kickstarter campaign here.

Our main feature this week is a live in studio visit from NDP MP for Beaches-East York in Toronto Matthew Kellway. The best bill you’ve never heard of is bill C-619: The Climate Change Accountability Act. The bill, currently being presented by Matthew himself is the resurrection of the dead 2010 version that was spearheaded by NDP legend Jack Layton. Why did it die? Not because it didn’t pass the house (it did) but because it was killed by the unelected senate, marking potentially the first time ever this happened in Canada.

The key word in the title is “ACT”. Unlike all of the other legislation being proposed in the house in Canada, and most of the proposals all over the world Bill C-619 pegs performance to the original commitments of Kyoto (remember that?) which is hard cap of emissions being reduced to 80% below 1990 levels by 2050. A far cry from the current federal budget just tabled by Harper which is it’s 500+ pages doesn’t even mention climate change once (oil is mentioned 106 times).

Read the bill on Matthew Kellway’s site here.

Sign the petition to help give him some speaking time to try to actually get this bill passed the house here.

Lastly, our hosts announce a party in Toronto for the Beyond Crisis team with live music (including the band who played todays songs). It will be great, if you are (or can be) in Toronto click here.

We also announced our new episode of Climate Cartoons, and a new “extended” Green Majority show, you can only get here.


This weeks music:

Gen WhyMoney, Money Money” & “Riddles

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