(450) The Dam Is Showing Cracks

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Tim Nash, the sustainable economist joins us at the top of the show to talk about the most recent Green Transition Scoreboard report that pegs sustainable investments (investments in sustainable tech, funds, projects etc) at $6.22 TRILLION since 2007. Tim talks about what those numbers actually mean, what it compares to in the non-sustainable/dirty energy “brown” market and what we can and cannot say about what these numbers mean.

Read Tim’s post about the report here, the CSRwire story about it here and watch his interview on Amanda Lang’s show on the CBC here.

After the first break, we welcome Canadian director – Charles Wilkinson to talk about his films, primarily Haida Gwaii: On The Edge of the World which is currently running at Hot Docs. Charles talks about his experience on Haida Gwaii, the involvement of Severn Suzuki (David Suzuki’s daughter) in the film and his time with the Gwaii people.

Learn more about Charles and the film here, and you can see if you can still see the film at Hot Docs here.

Charles also sticks around for the punditry section of the show to talk about this article talking about a poll taken of “oil and gas industry insiders” about their feelings on climate change as well as talk about the change in atmosphere (haha) with conservative republicans in the US about how their positions on climate change might have to change given public sentiment on the issue.

This weeks music:

Sam Roberts “Canadian Dream” & Tragically Hip “Poets”

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