(451) Death From Taxes

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Doug Olthuis, Executive Director for the United Steelworkers of Canada joins us as the top of the program to talk about the potential use of Canada Revenue Agency charitable status audits as a political tool to punish and intimidate organizations that operate in odds with the priorities of the current government. United Steelworkers of Canada operates a charity called the Steelworkers Humanity Fund Inc., which donates a very small (last year between 2-3%) portion of their funds to a politically active external non-charity organization Canadian Network on Corporate Accountability. The CNCA is made up from a wide partnership of faith groups, environmental NGOs and others working to hold Canadian based mining companies accountable in Canada for for human rights crimes at their overseas operations.

There is no argument from Doug (or anyone really) with oversight being needed to keep charities accountable to their donors and the governments who regulate this institutions, but rather scepticism with the audit processes’ seemingly selective application.

Read the article about the audit from the CBC: Revenue Canada targets Steelworkers charity for political activities

Why is this such a big issue? Did you know Toronto is the mining capital of the world?

Find out more about the Humanities Fund here.

Canadian mining company Barrick Gold from an activist perspective: http://www.protestbarrick.net/

(Recent) History of CRA Eco-charity audits: Canada Revenue Agency’s ‘political’ targeting of charities under scrutiny

Our Second guest is Dr. Gordon Edwards, president of the Canadian Coalition for Nuclear Responsibility. A expert on all things nuclear, Dr. Edwards joins us again to talk about several current Canadian nuclear issues as well as comment on the recent Tesla Motors announcement by real-life Tony Stark (Iron Man) Elon Musk. The ‘Powerwall’ announcement was met with many headlines (surely inspired by Tesla’s PR team) framing it as the “nuclear killer”. We talk to Gordon about to what extent this might be true… and where it isn’t.

Read about the Powerwall announcement here: Did Tesla Just Kill Nuclear Power?

You can learn more about CCNR here, and if you would like to join Gordon’s comprehensive email list just fire him and email here: ccnr@web.net

We also cover these news items with Dr. Edwards:

Kincardine nuclear waste site gets federal seal of approval

Lake Huron nuclear waste plan passes environmental assessment

CNSC on relicencing the 8 Bruce reactor for another 5 years

You can also learn lot’s more about the campaign Gordon mentioned to buy hydro power from Quebec instead of spending millions on new upgrades and facilities by the Ontario Clean Air Alliance here: Ontario Could Save Billions By Buying Quebec’s Hydro Power

This weeks music…

No Sinner “Bo hoho” (requested by our guest from last week) & BareNaked Ladies “Odds Are”

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