(452) Profit and Moral Authority

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Rich Penney is a member of the Toronto chapter for the global Zeitgeist movement. The Zeitgeist movement among other things is interested in the “logical, scientific solutions and methods we have at our disposal to update and correct the current social system and create a truly responsible, sustainable, peaceful, global society.” It is based around it’s namesake, a series of independently produced films called Zeitgeist by Peter Joseph. [Editorial note: The first film is not recommended and has been widely criticized for it’s accuracy, and for being full of unsubstantiated claims… after the initial criticism from the first film, Peter Joseph did a much better job with the following two films Addendum and Moving Forward. These two films are recommended, both as a look at some important issues in our society, and that they propose interesting solutions to these issues.]

Rich joins us to share some of the data from his presentation at this years Z-Day Conference, called “Moral Agency in a Free Market Economy”. The talk explores some counter-intuitive results from studies about human behaviour, and then we examine some examples of how this plays out in our day-to-day life. We also talk about how this psychology, and the associated selection pressures this creates for leaders of multi-national publicly traded corporations.

You can read more about Rich on his blog, visit the Zeitgeist Movement Toronto website, and watch the video of Rich’s presentation from Z-Day: Moral Agency in a Free Market Economy.

You can also watch Daryn’s talk from the same event – All or Nothing: Climate Changes Everything.

In the second section of our show, we hear some clips of our video interview with Yvonne Bambrick about her book The Urban Cycling Survival Guide. Yvonne talks to us about biking infrastructure in Toronto, her thoughts on bike advocacy and working with drivers to make safe spaces for all, and how Toronto compares to other cities.

Watch the full video version of the interview here, and you can learn more about Yvonne as well as get her book here.

In the final section, we talk a bit more about some of the implications of the moral agency discussion, within the context of some recent news about a very short lived victory in the US Senate over the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

Major Win as U.S. Senate Blocks TPP Fast Track Bill

Reversing Grassroots Win, US Senate Approves Fast Track Trade Measure

Finally, in case you missed it… The very funny full version of the clip of President Obama’s “Anger Translator” gag from the White House correspondents dinner.

This weeks music…

Great Big Sea “Ordinary Day”Guess Who “No Time”

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