(453) Environmental Roulette

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Marcus Hinds is a Engineering Information Analyst who works with energy efficiency in design as well as blogs about a wide variety of environmental topics. Marcus brings us a wide variety of environmental issues to run through this week and Kevin Farmer and host Daryn Caister also bring in some Federal election politics at the end of the program. Pick your poison! There’s a lot of scary stuff out there…

You can learn more about Marcus and read his blog here: https://about.me/marcushinds

Links that Marcus submitted:

10 Footprint Reduction Tips
Food Waste Solutions
“Cancer Fish” Water Pollution
California coping with drought?

At the end of the show we also mentioned a list of Conservative MP’s and others who appear to be fleeing the party (or rejecting it) leading up to the next federal election… many of them surprising their own party and contradicting earlier statements? Rat’s fleeing a sinking ship? I would like to think this is because of his ludicrous (lack of) positions on environmental issues… but we all know better don’t we.

Peter MacKay, justice minister, to leave federal politics
Chris Lloyd, Papineau Conservative candidate, resigns
Jim Prentice resigns after orange wave sweeps Alberta
Eve Adams crosses the floor to join Justin Trudeau’s Liberals, slamming ‘mean-spirited’ Stephen Harper
B.C. MP quits Conservatives to defend views on evolution
John Baird to step down as MP on March 16
Bill Blair, Toronto’s outgoing police chief, announces he will run for federal Liberals in Scarborough Southwest

Also! Something I wanted to get to, but we ran out of time. I’ve been noticing a lot of #divestment announcements in the media, so I looked for a list and found this! I’m not even sure it’s complete (I can think of a few I’ve seen announcements for that aren’t on the list as far as I can tell) but it’s still very impressive!

Check this out: Fossil FreeDivest List of Divested Funds

This weeks music…

The Rebel Spell “It can’t just be me” & Gordon Lightfoot “If you could read my mind”

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