(454) Can We Survive Capitalism?

-Image is Charles Derber- 

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First up is Derek Angove, Director of Processing and Resource Management for the city of Toronto talking about how our recycling programs works. Derek and Daryn discuss some common misconceptions about the program including misunderstandings about what can and can’t be recycled, what recycling actually means and some new additions to the program and finally the role of the program in the cities overall budget.

To learn more about the recycling program in Toronto, check out Waste Wizard!

In the second half, Journalist Krystyna Henke speaks with American author and sociologist Charles Derber. He has a new book out, The Disinherited Majority. Building on the recent work of French economist Thomas Piketty, Derber makes a case for re-examining capitalism in the face of widening global inequity and ecological destruction. An activist himself, Derber encourages people to take individual and collective action.

For more information about Charles Derber, see below:



This weeks second song was requested by a friend of the show Alexander Knight, you can request your own Canadian song by contacting us here and also you should follow @alexanderknight for more good social cause news and commentary.

This weeks music…

The Tower of Dudes “Hibernation” & David Wilcox “Do The Bear Cat”

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