(455) Food Chain: It’s Lonely At The Top

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Deborah Leipziger starts us off with a conversation about Corporate Social Responsibility and Social Innovation in the sustainability space. We discuss some of the efforts companies are making to become more “sustainable”, the reality of what sustainable actually is in reference, and some of the circumstances that leads us to be having this discussion in the first place. You can learn more about Deborah, and her new book The Corporate Responsibility Code Book here:


In the second half, Rachel Kramer from WWF joins us to talk about illicit wildlife and endangered species trade. We discuss the extent of the illicit wildlife trade, the successes and limitations of efforts by NGO’s to deal with the problem and the very real impact on the rest of the planet just in case you don’t share the idea that we shouldn’t be wiping out species in general in the first place.

Please do read more about WWF and Rachel’s efforts here:


Finally Kevin Farmer and host Daryn Caister talk about Harper’s laughable “Carbon Free by 2100” promise and the most recent CBC debacle. Read the original stories here:

Energy experts take issue with Harper’s G7 carbon pledge

CBC host Evan Solomon fired after Star investigation finds he took secret cut of art deals

This weeks music…

Deep Dark Woods “Red, Red Rose” & Boxer The Horse “Romania”

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