(457) Learn Your V O C’s

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The March for Jobs, Justice & Climate on July 5th all over Canada marks a new flavour of environmental activism that in long overdue. The challenge of talking about climate action has always been that the problem has seemed so distant and the causes disperse and complicated. These days concerned citizens seem to have decided that instead of ignoring these facts, to deal with them head on with the rallying cry “Systems Change, Not Climate Change”. Amanda Harvey-Sanchez, Media Coordinator for Toronto 350 joins us to talk about the Toronto rally, the ideas behind it and how you should all join us if you can.

Learn more about the March for Jobs, Justice & Climate.

Environmental Defence Toxic Program Manager Maggie MacDonald joins us in the second half to talk about a fascinating and very well put together report on VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) and the pervasiveness, not only in cleaning supplies but all products such that they are almost impossible to avoid. These compounds are tested in careful, laboratory conditions, which sounds great… but the reality is that these conditions don’t represent the environments in which these products are used in reality, messy combinations, unpredictable environments and with frequently improperly. This means the “safe” label on your favourite cleaning products may in fact be a dangerous fiction.

Read the report here: The Dirty Truth – How Toxic Cleaning Products Are Putting Canadians At Risk

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News Items!

Netherlands ordered to cut greenhouse gas emissions

Conservation tech: A new biotech will produce fake rhino horns indistinguishable from real ones, and will flood Chinese market at 1/8 the price

What’s Really Warming the World? (amazingly well done graphics)

This weeks music…

Rough Trade “What’s the Furor About the Fuhrer?” & Good Bad Kid “The Reeds and the Rushes”

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