(458) Living Architecture

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Jonathan Silver wasn’t content to just keep all the wonderful living architecture in Toronto to himself, so he’s made a free map called The Living Architecture Tour so that others can enjoy this wonderful trend. Why bother? Well aside from looking nice, the effects on human happiness and consequently productivity should be enough to talk even the most conservative minds to consider the value, much less all the cost saving features this type of design includes as an added benefit.

Visit the Living Architecture Tour website here: http://www.livingarchitecturetour.ca/ You can even win a prize. 🙂

In the second half, Stefan and Daryn discuss some of the environmental platform announcement by Canadian political parties as the country gears up for what promises to be an exciting (and probably messy) federal election in Oct. They also engage in a passionate appeal for sanity in our political system through discussing the state of affairs that these platform seems to indicate about our political system and culture itself.

Election Platform References:

Cons… hahaha I dare you to even find the word environment or climate change on their website. (Good luck, they don’t even have a search function. Talk about controlling what you want people to see.)

Justin Trudeau unveils Liberals’ environmental platform

Peggy Nash says an NDP government would slash Canada’s carbon footprint

Green Party of Canada Platform

Additional News Items:

#FutureIsClean (COP21)

Solar Impulse Project (Fuel Free Flight)

Pope or Kochs: Republicans, Who Do You Stand With?

Heat wave in B.C. breaks 64 temperature records

This weeks music:

Frazey Ford – “September Fields” & Downchild Blues Band “Flip, Flop and Fly”

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