(460) Water and Oily Politics Don’t Mix

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GreenPAC founder and president Aaron Freeman was kind enough to spend the entire show with us today talking about their efforts in helping to support candidates who are taking environmental concerns seriously. They are non-partisan and support politicians from any party, and do not support them financially. Rather they work with politicians and regular Canadians to make sure these issues are taken seriously in our public and political discourse in Canada.

After the break, we play an interview with a longtime environmental champion, and local politician NDP MPP Peter Tabuns from the Toronto-Danforth riding. Peter talks about legislation he and some others have been working on to ensure that oil trains don’t continue to endanger the public, update us on fracking (hydraulic fracture mining)in Ontario.

Finally, Stefan helps us discuss some news items including a new massive oil spill in Alberta, and the Canadian premiers apparent complicity in ignoring science and pushing in unison for a new round of pipeline investments across Canada.

Lot’s of news this week! We didn’t get much chance to talk about any of them, but some highlights from the news this week are below.

Why Does Canada Hate Indigenous Rights? One Word: Oil.

Mulcair on Energy East: ‘We are against that pipeline’

Alberta Premier Rachel Notley defends her approach on pipelines

Nexen pipeline leak in Alberta spills 5 million litres

Premiers set to fast-track oil pipelines while cutting regulatory red tape

As scandal rocks Malaysian government, B.C. pushes LNG deal with state-owned gas giant

National Energy Board slaps Spectra Energy over safety infractions

Environmental Defence Report: What to Look for in the Canadian Energy Strategy

A Hard Deadline: We Must Stop Building New Carbon Infrastructure by 2018

This weeks music:

The Band “The Weight” & The Guess Who “Hand Me Down World”

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