(461) Nuclear Ambitions

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Our guest this week is Dr. Gordon Edwards, founder and president of the Canadian Coalition for Nuclear Responsibility. Gordon has been on the program several times before to provide his expertise on this or that current nuclear issue in Canada, but we decided it was time to hear from him why he does what he does. So be more specific, we asked him how he came to be an anti-nuclear activist?

The full talk is more than 30 min, so we’ve cut some parts out for the radio including a comment he made during the end of the talk about why nuclear isn’t the answer for climate change, one of the currently most prominent argument for building new nuclear today.

The video for the radio cut of the interview has also been produced with lots of graphics and images of what he is talking about so even if you’ve hear the interview it is worth watching the videos if you are interested in this topic. This post will be updated with links to both the fancy radio cut, and the full length cut of the interview in the next day or two (once I can get somewhere with a decent upload speed).

Learn more about Gordon, and the Canadian Coalition for Nuclear Responsibility here: http://www.ccnr.org/

Instead of a second interview this week, we spent time talking about several important news items, and to have a cameo from the partially on vacation co-host Kevin Farmer. Please see our picks for the most interesting/important eco-news of the week below.

This weeks top eco-news:

Say Hello To Earth 2.0! Historic Kepler Discovery Suggests We Are Not Alone

Two-degree target may still cause catastrophic sea level rise, James Hansen warns

The Link Between Climate Change And ISIS Is Real

Harper Blueprint Embedded in Senate CBC Report

Another federal scientist fired in Harper’s ongoing war on science

Nexen pipeline spill cause could take months to determine

What’s Happening To The Flowers At Fukushima?

This Weeks Music!

Danny Michel “Feather Fur & Fin” & Wintersleep “Jaws of Life”

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