(463) Politics of Waste – #MACdebate Edition

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Tom Manimanakis is the Managing Director of Ethos Assets, joining us this week to talk about the mind-boggling amount of lost opportunities that tend to get overlooked by large companies to recycle, donate and otherwise ethically deal with literally tons and tons of both waste that could be recycled or repurposed and perfectly good materials and market goods that get thrown out anyways… usually only because it’s slightly cheaper to throw away than manage responsibly.

Tom’s company, Ethos Assets helps companies manage these materials so they can create social impact and divert more of these materials to recycling services and away from the dump.

You can learn more about Ethos Assets here. Also, Tom provided a number of links for background info for the interview and you can have a look at some of these below for more information about the gravity and opportunities presented by these issues.

Consumers return $642.6 billion in goods each year

Retail Sales Worldwide Will Top $22 Trillion This Year

Step e-waste world map

E-waste management and the value of continued options

Reusing what is not renewable

Ontario’s costly recycling program for electronics falls short: Editorial

E-waste recycling run by monopolistic group of industry executives, Cambridge company says

E-Waste and the Supply Chain: Helping the Environment Boosts Business Profits, Too

E-Waste and Innovation: Unlocking Hidden Value

Waste disposal by source, province and territory [StatsCAN]

In the second half, we welcome Katie Krelove from Toronto 350 to help us dissect last nights #macdebate, potentially the only leaders debate will all four federal leaders. If you missed it, you can watch the entire debate here.

In the final segment, we briefly touched on Obama’s new climate plan (will come back to this next week) and played an absolutely inspiring clip of US Senator and presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. On the show we only played his statements, but in the full clip you can hear the pathetic response by Senator Jim Inhofe. Senator Inhofe is the same clown that brought a snowball into the Senate to “prove climate change isn’t happening”…. he is also the head of the Chairman of the Senate Environment Committee. *sigh*

The exchange is even more meaningful when you compare his response to Sanders to his position stated when he speaks on his own, as opposed to speaking in response to a well informed challenger who is citing facts and research. If you haven’t yet, read this short article, and then watch the video for the full effect.

Jim Inhofe Brings A Snowball To The Senate Floor To Prove Climate Change Is A ‘Hoax’

You can watch the full Sanders/Inhofe exchange on Climate Change here.

Finally, the link to the White House promotional page for the new ‘Clean Power Plan’ which we will discuss more in upcoming shows here.

This Weeks Music!

Half-Moon Run “Full Circle” & The Burning Hell “My Name Is Mathias”

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