(464) Green Energy Open House

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Nicole Risse, Executive Director of the Ontario Sustainable Energy Association starts the show with us to talk about Green Energy Doors Open. OSEA works to promote all forms of clean energy, including the cleanest of all.. the energy you don’t produce through efficiency and grid modernization. After introducing herself as the new ED for OSEA (former ED Kris Steven’s was a repeat guest) Nicole gives us a preview of the upcoming Green Energy Doors Open events happening all over Ontario, which you can learn more about here: http://greenenergydoorsopen.ca/

For the rest of the show, Stefan and Daryn discuss a range of top news stories including Obama’s new Clean Energy Plan and the implications for Canada.

You can view the links for the discussed articles here:

400 Alaskan villagers are set to be the U.S.’s first climate change refugees

Obama to Unveil Tougher Environmental Plan With His Legacy in Mind


Global Glaciers Melting up to Three Times Rate of 20th Century

Bombshell Study Reveals Methane Emissions Hugely Underestimated

You can boost Indigenous reporting — here’s how

To glimpse the future of oil, look at coal in the U.S.

And some other interesting items we didn’t get to:

Revealed: Canadian government spent millions on secret tar sands advocacy

Canada Gives Shell Permission to Leave Future Offshore Well Blowout Uncapped for 21 Days, the U.S. Gives 24 Hours

Producing NH3 as a green fuel

US Gov’t Expert: Fukushima Reports of shrunken or enlarged organs, black kidneys, sores on liver, slime in mouth, discolored skin — Mortality in intertidal zone like “we haven’t seen before”

BREAKING: Harper gov’t appoints Kinder Morgan consultant to NEB

TransCanada deal aims to undermine Energy East protest movement

This weeks music!

K-OS “Crabbuckit” & Tragically Hip “38 Years Old”

Please check out our Climate Cartoons Series!

We need your help to share this new project to help explain renewable energy to students, politicians and voters, and they are only 2 min! You can watch and share here: http://www.greenmajority.ca/climate_cartoons

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