(467) All Together Now!

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This week Liam O’Doherty from Taking It Global joins the full program, we discuss a number of global and UN initiatives preparing for worldwide collaboration on a number of social and environmental issues. It seems the worlds youth are done waiting for the politicians to work it out and are doing their best to improve the system and go around them when necessary.

Liam mentioned these on the show: 

Post2015 Mapping Project – Mapping global actions on various issues including environmental (Submit yours!)

EQWIP HUB – is a global network of youth innovation spaces spanning 17 developing urban centres in Bolivia, Ghana, Indonesia, Peru, Senegal and Tanzania that connect and transform the economic trajectory of youth.

We also discuss a wide range of news items, and you can vote for which ones you want us to come back to for an interview or a more in depth look at our website each week. Click here to vote!

This news we covered!

Mrs. Universe gets political

Trying to follow what is going on in Syria and why? This comic will get you there in 5 minutes.

Elizabeth May focusing Green Party resources on target ridings

Here’s what happens when you try to replicate climate contrarian papers

Harperman — the video they don’t want you to see

The news we missed!

Coalition MP calls anti-coal protesters ‘terrorists,’ ‘green germs’

Canada Bans Off-Grid Living (And It’s Happening In The U.S., Too)

More than half of Canadians have less than $10K set aside for emergencies: BMO

New Ontario traffic laws: What drivers and cyclists need to know

Summer Disaster Movie? No Thanks. NWF Fighting to Protect Great Lakes from Oil Pipeline Disaster

The ‘Great Burning Man Plague of 2015′

Abbott’s environment attacks are straight out of the Canadian playbook

The case for ending the Toronto megacity

Third U.S. City Goes 100% Renewable

Bill Nye Depressed by Tar Sands’ ‘Extraordinary Exploitation’ of Environment

This weeks music!

Elliot Brood “Without Again” & Tony Turner “Harperman”

Please check out our Climate Cartoons Series!

We need your help to share this new project to help explain renewable energy to students, politicians and voters, and they are only 2 min! You can watch and share here: http://www.greenmajority.ca/climate_cartoons

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