(468) The Epiphany

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Francis Scherer, Director of Strategic Partnerships and Policy for Blanclink joins us today to talk about the Blancride app and the sharing economy in general. Blancride is an app to help connect drivers to passengers, but it’s not an Uber clone… Blancride locks the price to the approx cost of gas for the trip. This is a ride-sharing app that helps create community and networks around the sharing of trips and space. We also spend a bit of time ranting about how Uber is NOT an example of the sharing economy. 🙂 Francis also sticks around for the show and helps us dissect the news this week.

Learn more about Blancride and download the FREE app here.

In the middle section we talk about “The Epiphany” concept for movements when the ideology takes on a life of it’s own and starts transforming culture and society of it’s own weight, in other words the ‘snowball’ effect. We use the climate movement as the example but this is transferable to any movement environmental or not.

You can now vote on what news stories become interviews with VOTE 4 THE NEWS. You vote for the stories you want us to talk more about or arrange interviews for, and we will. It’s that simple! Last weeks “winner” was Harperman, and we’ve already emailed our request off to them. 🙂

To vote for this weeks news click here.

This weeks news:

[The article we spend most of the middle of the show talking about] The state of the climate movement

In Gutting California Climate Bill, Big Oil Won Skirmish — But Not War

Northern B.C. aboriginal leaders speak in unified voice for ‘fair’ consultation

Researchers Warn Melting Permafrost May Awaken ‘Giant Viruses’

Constitutional challenge of pipeline hearing rules won’t proceed

Boeing’s new Starliner will shuttle astronauts and private citizens into space

Fort Nelson First Nation win in Nexen fracking licence ruling

World’s Largest Solar Farm Will Generate Enough Electricity to Power 320,000 Households

World’s First Solar Airport Generates More Power Than It Consumes

Utilities wage campaign against rooftop solar

Big Bank Says It’s Going To Cost A Lot To Do Nothing On Global Warming

Climate Change and the Insurance Industry

This weeks music!

Rob Jokowski “Cabin Fever” & “All these bridges that I’ve burned”

Please check out our Climate Cartoons Series!

We need your help to share this new project to help explain renewable energy to students, politicians and voters, and they are only 2 min! You can watch and share here: http://www.greenmajority.ca/climate_cartoons

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