(473) Vote! Vote! Vote!

Amara Possian from LeadNOW joins us to talk about votetogether.ca and their election campaigning! Strategic voting to prevent another term of Harper. Vote smart, vote S-Mart… YA GOT THAT!?!

Learn more about Amara and LeadNOW here.

Rob Shirkey from Our Horizon and Sylvie Letourneau join host Daryn Caister on a roundtable about the most urgent #elxn42 developments. Platforms, policies, our broken election system, the “average Canadian voter” the realities of voter awareness and what informs platforms in the first place.

Learn more about Rob and Our Horizon here.

Don’t miss this one! This show went boom. I (Daryn) will go back to being nice next week. 🙂

Vote 4 The News! 

Here is this weeks news items mentioned on the show, you can #vote4thenews on our main page to help us pick what stories to cover on the show. Have your say with #vote4thenews here.

Secret Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP) Treaty: State-Owned Enterprises (SOE) Issues for Ministerial Guidance

En masse no more: Quebec’s four-way split skewing election landscape

Vote Compass: Most Canadians feel government should do more to combat climate change

Conservatives ‘Had No Intention’ of Dealing with Climate Change: Mark Jaccard

Liberal campaign co-chair resigns, faces possible oil lobbying investigation

Here Are The Election Ads You Didn’t Know You Wanted

Everything you need to know about the parties’ platforms, from taxes and terrorism to the environment

Alaska governor wants ‘more drilling’ to deal with climate change

Stephen Harper: master manipulator

Pipelines & politics: Where the parties stand on oil & gas issues

Bill McKibben: ‘VW Is the Flea to Exxon’s Elephant. No Corporation Has Ever Done Anything This Big and This Bad’

Interactive Map Shows 414 U.S. Cities Already Locked Into Catastrophic Sea Level Rise

Oil unlikely to ever be fully exploited because of climate concerns – BP

Grassroots Struggle for Food Sovereignty and Liberation of Black Cultures

Viral Video Confronts the War on Science

NATO: Climate Change Is Significant Security Threat and ‘Its Bite Is Already Being Felt’

(No ‘Texts with Dave’ this week… back next week!)

This weeks music!

Bruce Cockburn “If A Tree Falls” & Erin Costelo “Oh Me, Oh My”

Please check out our Climate Cartoons Series!

We need your help to share this new project to help explain renewable energy to students, politicians and voters, and they are only 2 min!

You can watch and share here.

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