(477) The Sound Of Your City

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This episode features Eric Beynon: President of Sustainable Growth Co. and one of the principal architects of the recently launch $20M Carbon XPRIZE competition. The Carbon XPRIZE is an attempt to engage innovators, designers and engineers of all types from all over the world to close the loop on carbon by creating technology and then hopefully a market for carbon (removed from the atmosphere or distilled out of fuel sources) to be used in physical objects and products. Examples might include things like concrete to both create a market for carbon as an input as well as incentivize carbon removal technologies by providing a profitable use for the results of the process. A game changer? Who knows just yet, but the possibilities are worth considering and something it would be foolish to ignore in a world drowning in carbon it doesn’t want (in the air anyways).

Anyone can sign-up and you don’t have to be an engineer! Learn more about the Carbon XPRIZE here

This episode is also our CIUT fall fundraising show! The Green Majority is only possible with the opportunities provided by the station, which in turn survives (and thrives!) entirely on listener donation. Please show your support for the Green Majority, and the power of independent community radio by donating today (tax receipts for all donations over $25, and CIUT memberships are available for $89.50)

Special thank you to Alex Speers-Roesch as well for joining the hosts in this adventure!

Learn more and donate to CIUT during the Sound of Your City fall fundraising drive here.

This weeks news!

Less news items than awesome resources for leading up to COP21 in Paris, check’em out! We will be talking more about this in the weeks ahead.

*An hour on this bicycle will give your house enough power for 24 hours

*Global COP21 Event Listings! Search your address and find one near you.

5 things you need to know about the Paris climate talks, COP21

Corporate agenda threatens to straightjacket Paris COP 21 proceedings yet again

Fossil Fuel Industry’s Bad Behaviour in Spotlight During Run-up to Paris Climate Negotiations

Canadian fossil-fuel industry gets $2.74B handout: report

Entire Liberal cabinet responsible for climate-change agenda: Dion

Environment Minister vows more stringent reviews for pipelines

This weeks music!

Tresilaze “From The Blue Sky To The Black Hole” & Blythe “Year of Glad”

Please check out our Climate Cartoons Series!

Watch and help us share this new project that helps explain the amazing opportunities offered by investments in renewable energy to students, politicians and voters. They’re also only 2 min each so those that need it most might actually watch them if you ask your friends and neighbours too. 🙂 Check them out here.

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