(478) Bombing for Peace

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Michael Lavergne is the author of ‘Fixing Fashion‘ which dives into the history and current day reality of the global multinational apparel companies. Michael speaks from his wealth of personal experience in this industry peppered with references to historical context to tell the full story of what’s wrong with where we buy our clothes and the high-cost of cheap stuff.

Learn more about Fixing Fashion here.

In the middle section the hosts with Michaels help discuss #ExxonKnew and the increasing calls to take legal action against Exxon for knowing, hiding the truth and actively and knowingly paying for anti-science and propaganda relating to actively suppress the truth that threatened it’s business model.

Read about #ExxonKnew here

In the final section the hosts talk about Paris, “Global Terror” and COP21. The moral of the story? If we don’t address climate change, it will only make instability worse, increasing such violence. Says who? How about the pentagon for more than 8 years in a row…

Learn about the connections between Climate Change, COP21 and the “Global War on Terror” with a great article co-written by Naomi Klien “Why a Climate Deal Is the Best Hope for Peace” here.

The Podcast-Only Bonus Show!

Now a regular feature, we have an extended show for our podcast listeners. This week Stefan and Daryn talk about Hope, and a revolutionary idea to fix our broken media system.

Want to vote on the poll from the bonus show? You can do that here.

Also! Emmay is away this week, but asked us to let people know about a new COP21 video she’s been working on.

1. WATCH: An Awkward Boys Night… Talking about climate change is not as weird as you might think! Find your voice and tell Prime Minister Trudeau to take a STRONG science-based target to the Paris Climate Talks.

2. SIGN THE PETITION: Scientists have warned us that the window of opportunity to avoid catastrophic climate change is rapidly closing. Canada is going to Paris with one of the weakest targets of the G7 countries but there is still time to act! We are calling on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to replace the weak target proposed by the Harper government and take a more ambitious, science-based target to COP21. The negotiations will only succeed if all countries, including Canada, commit to do their fair share in Paris. Please sign the petition TODAY.

This weeks news!

Canada’s oil industry frets as pressure mounts to cut fossil-fuel tax incentives

NEB changes stance, may consider GHGs in pipeline proposals

Supreme Court of Canada asked to weigh in on future of environmental assessment law in Canada

With ‘Off-Planet’ Mining Bill, US Congress Seeks to Privatize Outer Space

This weeks music!

Ron Hynes “Sonny’s Dream” & Burrows “Hygenocide”

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