(479) Canada Goes To Paris

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Sam Gill is the CEO of ETindex (Environment Tracker) which helps investors avoid carbon risks in their portfolios, based out of the UK. Sam talks to us about the overall market trends of carbon and carbon reporting, reductions strategies as well as his thoughts about the impact for people and markets from the upcoming COP21 meetings in Paris.

Learn more about Sam and ETindex here.

In the second section Emmay and Daryn talk more about COP and Paris, some challenges, some concerns (no marches!) but also some reasons to remain hopeful… not least of which being that if we can’t have optimism, we’ve already lost.

So cheer up! 🙂

In the final section, we wrap up with some more specifics about Canada’s contributions to the meetings, and in the last 5 min Daryn goes on a bit of a rant about geopolitics and the relations to our current issues regarding terrorism and climate.

Episode References:

We Must Reclaim True Environmentalism!

Premiers hopeful Canada can shed image as environmental pariah

Unlikely source bolsters Canada’s pledge for climate action

What’s really at stake at the Paris climate conference now marches are banned – Naomi Klein

Podcast Addendum

Stefan is off this week, which means to texts from Dave either. Instead, Emmay, Daryn and very briefly Jason talk more about the end of the radio show and about the current anti-islam “war of cultures” narrative that’s becoming popular in many places (Donald Trump for instance) and how that is the worst possible thing anyone could do in response to these challenges.

Other Top News
What we didn’t get to on the show…

BC Hydro slammed by First Nations, advocacy groups for Site C contract

Trans-Pacific Partnership deal “an act of climate denial”

Reversing Carbon Emissions- Why Soil Could Save The World

First Nations group goes to Supreme Court in protest of pipeline

Statement by Tim Gray, Executive Director of Environmental Defence, on Alberta’s historic climate change announcement

This Weeks Music

James Wyatt Crosby “O.T.O.T.W.” &  The Weather Station “Everything I Saw”




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