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Kevin Caners from the Elephant Podcast joins us live from Paris at COP21 for the final few hours of negotiation. Kevin gives us the scoop on whats going on on the ground, and what to expect from civil society during the last few hours of the meeting.

Follow the live-streaming tweets from the Guardian from the talks here.

It’s like a playoff game! (but for survival of life on earth :P)

Learn more about Kevin and the Elephant Podcast here.

In the middle section of the show, the hosts do a revisit of the supposed ‘controversy’ of Canadian eco-groups ‘selling out’ to join forces with big oil. This story isn’t what it seems, and we corrected a few pieces of info from last week. However, there is still some parts to be unhappy about… just not the things that people seem to be upset about. We break it down piece by piece on this weeks show.

If you are interested in this story we urge you to read ALL FOUR of these links, as they all have very different perspectives and as usual… the truth is somewhere in the middle.

Secret oilsands deal spurred by Alberta NDP’s concern over project cancellations, green group says

The Collaborative Model Takes Root in Alberta’s Tar Sands

Opinion: Alberta’s climate plan stands in the way of Canada’s

Open Letter by Tzeporah Berman on the ‘controversy’:
Deal by A Climate Friendly Canada and Climate Policy in the Tar sands? What’s Next?

Finally, we wrap up with some of the most recent COP21 details and what to expect from the deal regardless what happens.

Here’s some interesting things to note about Canada’s involvement this time around:

Canada returns to climate leadership in Paris

Canada shocks COP21 with big new climate goal

Trudeau fights to keep Indigenous rights in Paris climate deal

Bonus Show

Edward asks Daryn and Stefan to give the most ‘Cole’s Notes’ version of climate change, and we both do our best and also explain why that’s a bad idea most of the time.

We also briefly discuss the Greenpeace ‘sting’ operation on USA Academics with regards to climate denial.

Other Top News
What we didn’t get to on the show…

Greenpeace investigation finds academics for hire to promote fossil fuel interests

ExxonMobil put on mock trial for ‘climate crimes’ by Bill McKibben

Federal environmental bill of rights tabled on eve of Human Rights Day

This Weeks Music

Indio – Hard Sun & Emma-Lee – Not Coming By

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