(487) The Big Lie of Left/Right Politics

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Cat Zavis – Executive Director of Spiritual Progressives, a group of multi-faith and no faith individuals that are doing more than just wishing for a world based on hope and mutual respect but in fact planning how to get there. Cat outlines the Global Marshal Plan on how to remake the world, as well as commenting further on the relationship between spirituality and activism.

Learn more about Cat Zavis, her organization here and a link directly to the Global Marshal Plan here.

Stefan and Daryn dissect a listener email we received from a ‘non-typical right winger’ on their complaints with us being happy Keystone XL was cancelled. We answered it but couldn’t resist having some fun at the same time.

In the final section, Emmay and Brenna outline some top news!

RCMP arrest Kinder Morgan protesters in Burnaby

U.S. Pledges to Ease Pain of Closing Coal Mines in Shift to Cleaner Energy

Montreal region rejects Energy East pipeline

‘Crafted By and For Big Business’: TTIP Under Fire Across Europe

Air Pollution Killing Millions, Threatening Global Health Systems

Environment Canada issued warning to Mount Polley mine before disaster, FOIs reveal

Business elite meet in shadow of report: 62 own same wealth as half the planet

Oilpatch worker urges Justin Trudeau to help Alberta in widely shared Facebook post

No Jail Time for Delta 5 in Historic Case That ‘Welcomes Jurors to Climate Movement’

Also meet another new volunteer Deirdre in the after-show. 🙂 Welcome Deirdre!

This weeks music:

Wintersleep “Amerika” & The Acorn “Cumin”

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