(488) 7 Reasons Rick Mercer Got EnergyEast Wrong

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The news team discusses new Canadian pipeline/environmental review announcements by the federal government. The good, bad and ugly.

Pipeline projects to face new environmental regulations

In the middle of the show, we respond to Rick Mercer (Famous Canadian Pundit/Comedian) regarding his recent video promoting Energy East and deriding Montreal for saying no to it.

Rick Mercer’s video (removed from Facebook where it was originally exclusively posted… and was removed a few days later after 75,000+ comments and 20,000 shares, and then uploaded to Youtube where it can now be found… Wonder why?)

Energy East flap shows Quebec is still viewed with contempt by many in the rest of Canada

Brad Wall provokes anti-Quebec insults over pipeline opposition

Finally we talk about solutions. Now that we are starting to have the difficult conversations we need to have, what do activists that were focused on getting people to pay attention to the issue do now? Propose solutions 🙂 and we do just that.

Why the climate movement needs a reboot

Canada has ‘responsibility to lead by example,’ UN environment chief says

Flint Water Crisis: Who Is To Blame?

This weeks music:

Toronto “Your Daddy Don’t Know” & Blue Rodeo “It Could Happen To You”

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