Won’t Someone Listen To The Children? (490)

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We are honored this week to host a group of talented young environmentalists from Holy Cross Catholic School, the winners of a school contest to make claymation animation videos about Ontario Endangered Species. Jann, Eden, Victoria, Ruel and Jason join the show to talk about their winning animations and the endangered species they learned about, and are introduced by their teacher Liane Paixao. Thank you to all of them for participating!

You can (and really should) watch their animations yourself here.

Screen Shot 2016-02-12 at 3.33.24 PM
[From left] Jann, Eden, Victoria, Liane, Ruel and Jason.
In the middle section, Stefan takes point and makes the best case he can FOR the TPP, which leads us to talk about our responses to the best case scenario for it to take it down. There’s lots of reasons to be skeptical the TPP is in our interest, and now you have a few more.

Finally we take some time to talk about Nuclear subsidies as voted for by #vote4thenews as well as a bit about a terrible op-ed by Rex Murphy about Alberta’s oil woes, which continues into the bonus show.

After 60 years of nuclear power, the industry survives only on stupendous subsidies

You can vote for the news too! Click here.

Do not read the below linked article if you are driving or holding sharp implements.

OPINION – Rex Murphy on Calgary: ‘Where are the city’s allies?’

This weeks music:
Merganzer “Mirror Maze” &  Versa “Waited Long Enough”

2 thoughts on “Won’t Someone Listen To The Children? (490)

  1. There are many Canadians (Rex Murphy most likely) with investments in oil, many Canadians with investments in oil in our pensions, (probably your pensions) who feel their security and well-being, in the short term, is dependent on profits from oil and more important than longer term problems with climate change. That is the crux of the problem here and more significantly in the U.S. Did you know there are some 600 billionaires in the U.S.? How many in Canada?

    • Great Comment Melanie, any serious anti-oil campaign must include an alternative or it is useless. The reality is that renewable energy jobs require many of the same skill sets, are better for the economy, and have far less (or zero) negative down-the-lane externality costs (such as health care for oil-work related sickness). The problem is that few know this, and that’s not an accident (que your point about billionaires).

      That’s why we do what we do! There are solutions that benefit everyone, people just need to hear about them and they won’t hear it from the main stream media that earns about 95% of it’s revenue from ads for the establishment.

      I personally support a federal spend on a massive job-retraining program to support all the under-employed oil workers and put them right to work making Canada a renewable energy super-power. Other oil countries like UAE (Dubai) are spending their oil money preparing for the RE world takeover, and if we don’t too we risk having tons of oil, nothing to show for it, and no one to sell it too. Many people think that world will never arrive, most of them think that because they only listen to the MSM who has a vested interest in them believing that.

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