Extreme To Talk About Human Extinction? (491)

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Rich Penney, a volunteer with Zeitgeist Toronto joins us this week to talk about some of the most dangerous implications of runaway climate change. We felt it was important to circle back to this somewhat basic climate science because the face of denial has gone from Harper style ‘it’s not real/lets act like it’s not’ to Trudeau’s ‘it’s real and we should do something, just not nearly as much as the science requires’. Just because someone says they accept climate change, doesn’t mean that actually understand it nor does it mean they have any intention of actually doing what’s required to stop it.

In the second section, Stefan and Daryn move the conversation south to the US primaries, the Supreme Court challenge to Obama’s Climate Plan and then days later the death of notoriously conservative Supreme Court Judge Antonin Scalia… with less than a year to a presidential race and the implications for not just the USA but potentially a zero-sum win/loss scenario on climate change.

Supreme court to block Obama’s sweeping climate change plan

How Scalia’s Death Can Change The Whole Election

Bernie Sanders Is Beating EVERYONE (and why we should be terrified of Clinton being the democratic nominee)

In the final section of the live show, the hosts discuss the massive methane leak in California, Dubai’s clean energy plan and 15 years of contaminated water on First Nations land, and the indifference of the Canadian government.

Officials: California’s Enormous Methane Leak Permanently Sealed

Dubai Clean Energy Strategy 2050 (AKA: Sell Oil, Buy Solar)

Ontario First Nation declares state of emergency after radioactive particles found in local water source

In the bonus show, Sabina and Alex lead us in a talk about how to talk about the environment, examples of social change and more about the limits of democracy. Don’t miss it!

This Weeks Music:

Peers “Ex-Teen” & Rah Rah “Chip off the Heart”

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