Updates on Line 9 Pipeline and Bill C51 (492)

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We begin the show with our news roundup this week. The headlines we featured include a combination of awesome renewable energy projects beginning to take hold around the world, and the legal nonsense that’s being abused by the US government to try to quash them (likely because they aren’t controlled by ‘US’ companies).

World’s Largest Desert Solar Plant In Morocco Has Gone Live
Chinese Fusion Test Reportedly Reaches New Milestone
Ottawa seeks to set national minimum on carbon pricing

Daryn also brings up an interesting case of a Chinese company trying to sue Canada over opposition to several resource projects that China has a steak in on Canadian soil, and the implications for FIPA and TPP trade deals of what this could mean in the future.

Canada’s disaster relief costs spike due to rise in extreme weather
Enbridge wants to break its oilsands addiction
Canada’s First Chinese FIPA Case In The Making?
Race Best Predicts Whether You Live Near Pollution

In the second section journalist David Grey-Donald brings us a report he’s compiled (soon to be released) about the line 9 pipeline that started recently despite massive public pressure from locals under the Harper government, and the new Liberals (and most of the mainstream environmental movement) having seemingly given up on this fight in favour of fighting Energy East pipeline. There are arguable tactical reasons to do this, but what does this mean for the affected communities from Line 9?

Chippewa of the Thames First Nation fundraiser for Supreme Court case against the National Energy Board and Enbridge. (MSM news link)
December 7 shut-down in St-Justine-de-Newton (by David)
First-hand accout of December 7, 2015 pipeline shut-down (Alt news link)
Interview with one of the Dec 7 protesters (by David)
December 21 shut-down in Aamjiwnaang / Sarnia (by David)
Myeengun Henry of Chippewa of the Thames First Nation talking about their supreme court challenge (by Nicky Young)
One anonymous shut-down in January near Hamilton (by David)

In the final main-show section, Matt Currie from Stop C51 TO joins us for an update on the status of bill C51 (aka the police state bill) from Harper that the new liberal government promised to amend… to little apparent result. What are the risks to citizens today? What will the Liberals do now? Matt explains…

Stop C51 TO upcoming mixer in Toronto
Volunteer with Stop C51 TO
Donate to Stop C51 TO

In the Bonus Show, Sabina Hyseni and the rest of the team talks about the TPP and it’s relationship to Federal Fisheries and Oceans Minister Hunter Tootoo who is being urged by his department to repair the damage done to the sciences by Harper…. but also support the TPP trade deal on the basis that it would improve trade despite the fact that the climate change that will result could wipe out the fishing industry all together.

Exclusive: Tootoo urged to promote TPP and billions in seafood exports, briefings show

Daryn also discusses a fascinating article by right-wing political consultant Frank Luntz, who who talks about how today’s youth are ‘terrifyingly liberal’ and that this should ‘frighten every business and political leader’ in the country. We’re not terrified 🙂 we’re excited.

Top GOP Pollster: Young Americans Are Terrifyingly Liberal

This Weeks Music:

April Wine “Rock N’ Roll Is A Vicious Game” & Barenaked Ladies “Brian Wilson”

2 thoughts on “Updates on Line 9 Pipeline and Bill C51 (492)

  1. Young people have a much longer time horizon and a longer commitment to the planet than most politicians and policy makers have and that is crucial in the world of major, fast placed global environmental changes. Fortunately you have been empowered by new social media in a way that the older generation has not. Use it!
    Global changes are happening faster than the human species is able to deal with them–
    rapid adaptability, innovative thinking and physical and mental stamina are critical.

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