First Nation, Second Class (494)

We start the show with a recap from Stefan Hostetter of the Globe Conference on Corporate Sustainability where he was during last weeks show. He outlines some of his impressions as an outsider in this corporate dominated platform, and gives us some takeaways including his perception that regardless of our opinions of the outcomes that most CRS and sustainability professionals due truly want to do good.

Globe Conference 2016
Trudeau signals a new green direction for Canada at Vancouver’s Globe conference

During the end of the first section, and the majority of the second we then talk about the other side of the privilege and power spectrum the struggles and racism against Indigenous Peoples the world over that most often pay the heaviest price for the spoils of first world wealth… whether they live in this countries or not. We also briefly mention Trudeau’s visit to the White House, and cover some Vote for the News suggestions (you can Vote for the News too! click here)

Berta Cáceres, Honduran human rights and environment activist, murdered
Amazon Tribe Kidnaps PetroPeru Workers Following A String Of Oil Spills (in a creepy context as provided by an oil industry site)
Canada First Nations Water Issues Need To Be Fixed: UN
Indigenous leaders shocked by exclusion from climate change meeting
Trudeau under fire for failing to invite some indigenous groups to first minister’s meeting
12 things Trudeau and Obama agreed on
Obama and Canada’s Justin Trudeau Promote Ties and Climate Plan

Vote for the News Topics
Now That Leo Won the Oscar, It’s Time You Watch His Vegan Documentary
Canada may already be carbon neutral, so why are we keeping it a secret?
Here is the paper the argument is based on… not 1 mention of Canada (use ctrl-F to search page) so where is this analysis coming from?

In the final section, we interview Matthew Klippenstein about the state of plug-in electric vehicles in Canada. Where are we, where are we going, and should this be something we support as an environmental movement? Matthew Klippenstein is a chemical engineer and plug-in electric vehicle enthusiast. In his role with a leading renewable energy consultancy, he evaluates the wind energy potential of prospective wind farms. A veteran of the fuel cell industry, he co-authored Ballard Power Systems’ white paper on the future of electricity (“electron-democracy”) for a McKinsey & Company essay series, to which Steven Chu and Andy Grove also contributed. The unofficial Canadian correspondent for since 2013, Matthew also co-hosts the CleantechTalk podcast. A produced playwright, he’s also contributed to two Canadian comic book anthologies.

Some great articles about EV in Canada by Matthew:

Ontario’s recently bolstered EV credits
When Electric Car Incentives Expire: A Case Study In Canada
When Electric-Car Incentives Return: British Columbia Case Study
Electric cars in Canada: 6 good-news events for buyers, drivers
Want an effective climate policy? Heed the evidence

Bonus Show!

In the bonus show, Sabina Hyseni hosts a conversation with the hosts about two very important topics: How do you feel about people on social assistance buying premium priced products because they are ethical (ie. Fair Trade) and/or more healthy (Organic Food). At the end we also talk a bit about how empathy plays a role in activism, and the mental health impacts of being very aware of social issues like environmentalism.

Climate change is wreaking havoc on our mental health, experts say
UBC study: Welfare recipients seen as immoral for buying ethical products




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