Rules Are For The Poor… Suckers! (498)

The Panama Papers scandal is all over the news, but what are the implications for the environment, and possibly more importantly why does no one seem surprised and what does that say about our society?

We also discuss the first CEO jailed for actions taken as a CEO in the USA, Donald Blankenship former head of Massey Energy and the recent third-term election for Brad Wall’s government in Saskatchewan.

In the final section, we talk about renewable energy opportunities in Canada compared to the supposedly irresistible opportunities of continuing to invest in oil. Supposedly some pipeline might bring 130 or so jobs! Guess what… there’s 70,000 potential jobs in Alberta for solar jobs alone in the next 25 years.

The bonus show, hosted by Sabina Hyseni and Brenna Owen discuss Trudeau’s comments about how supposedly oil and climate change don’t conflict, and Catherine McKenna’s comments about how NOT investing in oil threatens national unity. We call bullshit, you should listen to why.


Please join us on April 22nd from 6pm to 9pm at 720 Bathurst – Centre for Social Innovation – Annex for a beverage and a chat to meet and hang out with the Green Majority team, past and present and other listeners to celebrate our 500th episode!You can get your very modestly priced tickets here.

We pretty much never get to all the news we find each week, see what else we flagged as important eco-news and VOTE for things you think we should come back to with VOTE FOR THE NEWS – click here.

This Weeks Music:

April Wine “Rock’n Roll is a Vicious Game” & Bare Naked Ladies “Brian Wilson”

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