The Limits of Democracy (501)

The old saying goes that capitalism is the worst system out there… except for all others. Daryn this week makes a similar argument about Democracy itself, that while it aims for the best possible system to serve all citizens it has some really critical problems that lead to some of the systemic issues it attempts to solve. This is not to say that we should have something other than democracy… no-one on this show promote communism or tyranny. However the time has come to realize that our current model of democracy is designed to create it’s own tyranny. The first part of a three part series, the limits of democracy episode takes a cold look at what are the limits of this system we’ve created, so that we can improve it in the future. Systemic problems require systemic change… all else is foolishness.

Daryn’s outline for Part 1: The Limits of Democracy

Democracy: A system by which people try to come to agreement on a course of action at the societal level for the common benefit of all (or the best approximation), but requires balances to protect the rights of a minority vs the majority. This requires an arbiter (government, constitution, courts etc). Modern western democracies exist in a state evolution and balance between majority rule, ‘unchangeable’ standards of the state and an evolving understanding of what’s in the best interests of society at large.

Part 1 – Limits of Democracy

The Problem Of An Informed Public: (without interference) (aka media, education, examples of counter-intuitive principals in science)
The Problem Of Active Deception: (Propaganda, Marketing, Popular Myths)
The Problem Of Application: (both voting systems, and what we vote about (‘leaders’ VS ideas)
The Problem of Scale (relative power dynamics): (National Governments, International Bodies (like the UN) and multinational corporations)

In the news this week we discuss:

BC Hydro going to court to evict Site C dam protesters from outside head office
Climate Change to Widen Range of Disease-Carrying Mosquitoes
Ontario MicroFIT Program Suspended, Due To Application Irregularities
Great Barrier Reef tourism operators refuse media and politicians access to bleached reefs
IMF forecasts Middle East oil exporters will miss out on $500B in 2016
Rockefeller family charity to withdraw all investments in fossil fuel companies

This Weeks Music:

David Wilcox “Bad Apple”Stampeders feat Wolfman Jack – “Hit The Road Jack”

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