The Limits of Capitalism (502)

Fires rage in Fort McMurray and at perhaps in the most human of responses everyone is looking for someone (or something) to blame. This week the team tackles what the real message we should take away from this nightmare might be, and where we find the limits of our “so called capitalism”. The second of a three part series, the limits of capitalism episode dives into the question of what the ultimate purpose of our capitalist system is and the limits that are inherent to any capitalist system.  

In the first third of the show we cover the fort McMurray fire, how it’s being covered in the media and the place for climate change reporting within natural disaster stories. The articles referenced were:

Fort McMurray’s horrifying experience shows humans can’t stand in nature’s way: Don Pittis
Break Free 2016
The time has come to turn up the heat on those who are wrecking planet Earth

In the second third of the show, we discussed the limits of capitalism including the amorality of the market, externalities, and the assumption of perpetual growth. Emmay Ma brings the discussion back to the ground breaking work, the Limits of Growth. In our final section we discuss how Canada is moving away from an extractive resource based economy, and how this years election for President in the United States feels a little bit like a comic book.

This Weeks Music:

Hooded Fang  – “Dead Battery” & Islands – “Fear”

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