We’re Learning…We Think (503)

We are in the middle of an unprecedented wave of global action on climate change, CNN is covering airport wait times. This week the team draws the lines from Christy Clark’s comments on the need for more resource exploitation to the clear message being sent by grassroots organizations across the world saying that her future is not our future.

In the first third of the show we cover the Christy Clark’s comments, 350.org’s movement to “Break Free From Fossil Fuels”, and what the environmental movement seems to be learning from it’s past failures. Also check out the Hot Docs peoples choice award winning documentary Angry Inuk.

News Links:

  1. BC premier calls out feds for dragging its feet on natural resource development in western Canada
  2. Break Free 2016
  3. The Arsonists of Fort McMurray have a name
  4. Angry Inuk director Alethea Arnaquq-Baril hopes to change minds on seal ban

For the next two thirds we open the mailbag and answer questions from our audience. Including:

Do you think that our technology is responsible for our careless attitude towards nature, and can this be resolved via technology or by casting it aside (to a degree, not caveman nonsense)?

In a world full of tree huggers, carbon counters, ocean stewards, endangered species champions, toxic avengers, anti-nuke crusaders, and last-but-not-least climate vegans, what does it mean to be a fully rounded environmentalist? Does it speak to the planetary boundaries model proposed by Johan Rockström, to be mindful of all potential tipping points? Or does that make one the jack of all trades, master of none?

How effective is solar technology in cities? And why don’t we see more solar panels in Toronto? How can a lay person pick a good solar paneling company to work with, and what are some of the pitfalls/catches/pros we should know about?

How to reduce your footprint if you’re going to eat meat no matter what?

More news covered in these sections:

  1. Back to the Data Mine
  2. Our fictional pundit predicted more correct primary results than Nate Silver did
  3. Riding the ‘Solarcoaster’ as Shares Plunge Even more than Coal
  4. Modern propaganda isn’t wrong, it’s simplified

This Weeks Music:

Andy Shauf “The Magician” & Doomsquad “It’s the nail that counts not the rope”

What do you think?

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