Regeneration Gap (505)

Dare we say that it’s beginning to feel like maybe, just maybe, the environmental movement is beginning to win. A generational gap in conservative thought appears to be opening with new right wing leaders beginning to accept climate science. In the first third of the show, we dive into this dichotomy comparing old stock climate deniers Brad Wall and Donald Trump to the recently elected leader of the Ontario Conservatives Patrick Brown.

News Links:

  1. Premier Brad Wall Criticized on Climate Stance
  2. Donald Trump would allow Keystone XL pipeline and end Paris climate deal
  3. Long awaited tidal power turbine heading to Bay of Fundy next month
  4. Oil firms have 10 years to change strategy or face ‘short, brutish end’

For the middle third we’re joined by Barbora Grachalova of the Canadian Environmental Law Association to discuss Ontario’s new Cap and Trade legislation. We break down both what’s in the legislation and what it could mean for Ontario.

News Links:

  1. Fair and Equitable Carbon Pricing: Comments on Ontario’s Cap and Trade Program
  2. Ontario to spend $7-billion on sweeping climate change plan

In our final section Daryn leads a round table discussion on this weeks theme of new discussions replacing old dogma.

This weeks bonus show has Deirdre and Sabina weighing in on a blue-sky-thinking idea of Daryn’s and more nuanced discussion of the cap and trade program.

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