Just Move (506)

Nearly sixty years ago, nine-thousand kilograms of Mercury was dumped into waterways near Grassy Narrows, it’s time to clean it up. What is the impetus of the ‘just move’ reaction to catastrophes and how does it overlap with environmental racism? This episode takes the case of Grassy Narrows and expands it’s underlying questions to the larger context. Why does society treat some lives as worth less? And what can be done about it?

News Links:

  1. Grassy Narrows First Nation demands cleanup of mercury contamination in northern Ontario
  2. Time to clean up river in Grassy Narrows First Nation, grandmother says
  3. Mercury contamination at Grassy Narrows First Nation can be cleaned up, scientists tell government, again

For the middle third we feature a piece by Krystyna Henke on a fascinating individual working on Eco-Tourism in the southern tip of Chile.

In our final section, we cover a few places were people will never be told to move (Paris and Bavaria), one place that may not have a choice (Antartica) and Daryn does a bit of a dive into the reasons to protect biodiversity even if you don’t care about animals (hint mantis shrimp are super cool).

News Links:

  1. Flooding kills at least five people in Germany’s Bavaria
  2. Baking soda “sponge” could capture carbon emissions
  3. Mantis Shrimp Inspires Design For New Generation Of Super Strong Materials

This weeks bonus show has Deirdre, Sabina, Ed and Daryn chatting about a Gorilla.

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